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Voltex Company SA from the beginning provides a ready-made technology solutions for the industry in the field of adhesives and adhesive tapes world's leading manufacturers. Proposed by us are widely used in industrial activities.

In order to meet your expectations, we offer our clients a comprehensive service by selecting the optimum product presentation, testing, and ultimately acceptance of the final solution by the client.

Our experience and professionalism in action, along with the offered innovative products presented by a competent team will certainly find a solution to difficulties encountered in your business.

The implementation of technological solutions proposed by the company specialists Voltex SA will allow you to relatively lower costs and production time while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Voltex S.A. offers industrial tapes and adhesives including products from the following manufacturers:

VOLTEX VT group products
VOLTEX VT group products

The result of many years of cooperation and partnership created at that time is the technological support from facilities of the above mentioned manufacturers.

Thanks to modern technology in the production process of industrial tapes and adhesives, they meet the requirements of the applicable standards of quality in European Union countries, as well as abroad.

Product categories:
  • Masking tape
  • Acrylic Foam Tape
  • Vinyl Tape
  • Metal tape
  • Tapes
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Industrial Velcro
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Hotmelts
  • Water-based adhesives
  • Adhesives in spray
  • Screen Protector
  • Decorative films
  • Primers
  • Insulation
Abrasive product groups:
  • Drives fiber
  • Flap discs
  • Velcro disks
  • Non-woven discs with velcro
  • Drives brush
  • Cleaning disks
  • Hard pressed
  • Wheels pressed
  • Sanding sheets
  • Grinding wheel spindle
  • Roll wheel
  • Brush on a stem
  • Brush a non-woven
  • Wheels for deburring
  • Fabric in rolls
  • Non-woven sheets
  • Materials for paint repairs

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