Lubin - Headquaters

ul. Wójta Henryka 45
59-300 Lubin


076 842 17 60
076 842 64 94
076 842 12 51
076 842 12 89


076 846 00 68



Voltex company, operating since 1992. The main field of our activity is the introduction of new technologies and technical solutions in the mining, industry and power industry. Over the years we have gained the opinion of a competent business partner combining global knowledge and innovation needs of research institutions and large corporations and small businesses operating in the power industry.

Our success is built on partnership relations with both the scientific institutions, as well as professional energy and industry.

With this combination, we have the fastest access to technical innovations and planned changes in standards and legislation.

In combination with knowledge about the current needs of the industry allows us to take an active part in creating innovative technical solutions that go beyond current needs, which ensures compliance with legal and technical requirements in the future.

Outside headquarters, located in Lubin, we have offices in Wroclaw, Lublin and Warsaw.




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